Stainless Steel Piezo Switch 16 mm



Type: Momentary

Material:Stainless Stell (Aluminium upon request)

Maximum Voltage:24V AC/DC,

Switch Resistence  ON state :<1?,

Switch Resistence OFF state: 5 M?,


Switching curent (Momentary) : 1A Max

Swithing pulse time (Momentary): up to o,3 sec.

Switchinng pulse time (prolonged): up to 6 sec.

Actualing force tyoically:3-5N

Life cycle:10 milion

Operating temperature: -40C to + 85C,  Vibration resistance 5-500Hz/9.4m,   Shock resistance, 75g,RoHS ,   Compliant.


Source: eeweb

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