WiFi Thermostat with weekly scheduler


The first board went into use for a radiator thermostat procject for a downtown place  they use as office, The building has central heating and the radiators had manual actuators, they replaced these with a Swiss made thermoelectric actuatir that is controlled by the relay and set heating schedule for it.

The WiFi SSR board procect changed a bit and i use classical relays instead of SSRs now.The reason is that SSRs tend to get quite hot when switching larger loads and the 8 A relays they used actually max 2.5Aload swithing with no heat sink.

The high quality relays they now use allow 10A load swithing and are rather quiet.

Changes is are in Design a bit so that it would fit in a box for increased safety.


They also added broadcasting functionality ,allowing the board to send its state to third party services .


Source : harizanov

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