WIZ550WEB module you are immediately on the web


WIZ550web provides the lightweight webserver operating.It controls digital output or monitors digital and analogue input through web browser,web pages is stored in micro SD memory card.



  • WIZnet W5500 Hardwired TCP/Ip

– Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller

– SPI microconttroler interface,

– Hardwired TCP/IP stack supports: TCP,UDP,IPv4,ICMP,ARP,IGMP and pppOE protocols.

– Easy to implement the other network protocol

  • ST Microelectronics STM32F103RBT6

– ARM 32-bit Cortex M3 microconttroler running at up to 72 MHZ

128 kB on chip  flash /20kB on -chip SRAM/Various peripherals.

  • Adesto Technologies At45DB081D-SU

-8 megabit serial flash memory

  • SD Card slot
  • 2,54 Pin Header x 2

Hardware material ,documents and others.

  • Documents
  • Getting started ¬†quide
  • users quide (fot AT)
  • future plan
  • Technical Reference
  • hardware specification
  • AC/DC charasteristics
  • reference schmatic and parts
  • dimension.

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