SlushEngine Stepper Motor Driver – by Roboteurs

The SlushEngine is an advanced motor driver that works with the Raspberry Pi to move motors with precision, speed, and simplicity.

The SlushEngine  is a smart stepper motor driver that works with the Raspberry Pi and many other devices (ie. Beaglebone and Arduino). By connecting the Raspberry Pi to a network of motor drivers, we can control the motors in realtime without overloading the Raspberry Pi.


SlushEngine: Model X

  • Uses a simple Python library
  • Compatible with a large number of stepper motors
  • Additional features to support your robotic and automation projects

The original idea of the SlushEngine is to keep it simple,as easy as possible to program the board. One of the simplest and most powerful programming languages is Python. It’s difficult or impossible to have Python run on standard microcontrollers, so we used the Raspberry Pi to execute the Python code and communicate with the smart motor drivers on the SlushEngine.

lushEngine: Model X technical specifications

  • Controls up to 4 bi-polar stepper motors
  • Max 7A / motor
  • 9-35 V DC operating range
  • 1-128 microstepping capabilities
  • Integrated motion engine in stepper driver
  • 4 limit switch inputs
  • 4 general purpose industrial inputs
  • 4 general purpose industrial outputs (3A / 24V)
  • 8 additional logic level I/O
  • Thermistor temperature sensing
  • UEXT expansion connector
  • Raspberry Pi fused power source

Source: kickstarter

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