Bluz: A cloud-connected, Bluetooth LE development kit

Build Bluetooth LE devices for the Internet of Things with a REST API and Web IDE that run on coin cell batteries. 

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is designed from the ground up to be low powered. It can run for months or years on a simple coin cell battery. However, most development solutions never let BLE escape from your smartphone or tethered device, until now.

Bluz is a Bluetooth LE development kit (DK) unlike any other. Bluz comes cloud connected out of the box to the Spark cloud  meaning you can access the device from anywhere in the world, and not just when you’re smartphone is nearby.

BLE is a fantastic compliment to other wireless technologies such as WiFi and Cellular. It can use one gateway as a central point of deployment for many low power, low cost sensors. Or it can use your cell phone as the gateway to integrate wearables, giving you extensive battery life without compromising connectivity.


Mobile Gateway: Free apps will be provided for iOS and Android. These apps will connect to a bluz dev kit whenever one is nearby and route data to the cloud. The apps will be customizable and can be modified to fit your project or product, which is perfect for wearables.

Gateway Shield: A shield with a BLE Central device that accepts a Core/Photon (not included). Once the Core/Photon is loaded up with the proper sketch, it will allow up to 8 bluz DK’s to connect at once to the Spark Cloud

Bluz Gateway: A fully integrated and enclosed gateway for use in your own products. A sleek, plastic case will enclose both a BLE central device and a Wifi radio that will plug into any USB Type-A port (like your phone charger). Just like the shield, this will allow up to 8 bluz DK’s to connect to the Spark cloud at once. The Gateway will have a Spark Photon board inside, allowing you to easily setup your Wifi connection for cloud access.

Bluz offers encryption from the device all the way to the cloud, keeping your data as secure as possible. Standard Bluetooth LE encryption is weak and susceptible to sniffer/cracker systems. Insecurities in operating systems or key logger programs can also capture your data at the central device with standard Bluetooth LE architectures. With bluz, your data is encrypted before it is ever transmitted, meaning it is totally secure cross the entire chain.


Source: kickstarter

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