0.3 m Serial ATA Cable


The AK-SATA-030-R is a Serial ATA (SATA) connection cable with length of 0.3 meters. The device has a minimum contact resistance of 1? and insulation resistance of 10 M?. It consists of a 7 pin connector which is a female crimp type. The material used for its jackets is a PVC 45P colored black.


  • Cable: UL2725 [26AWG(1/0.404)*2+D(1/0.32)*2+AL]*2F
  • P1 & P2 Connectors: Serial ATA 7-pin/Female Crimp Type
  • Jacket: PVC 45P, Black


  • Unplug/Plug cycles is 50 times


  • 100% Open & Short Testing
  • Contact Resistance: 1? Min.
  • Insulation Resistance: 10M? Min.


  • Hi-Pot 300V DC/0.1 Sec

Source: eeweb

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