Piccolino: Arduino Compatible + WIFI + OLED + SRAM + SD CARD

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Piccolino (Italian for “tiny”) is a small, low-cost yet powerful programmable controller with an embedded OLED display and WIFI connectivity that you can program using existing tools like the Arduino IDE environment and the ESPlorer IDE. It uses the new ESP8266 LUA powered WIFI module which takes care of all the WIFI connectivity workload requiring only 3 lines of code in your sketches to establish a wireless connection. Furthermore, it can be configured both as an Access Point or a Station, so you can easily develop mobile device controlled appliances

The Pixelduino is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller that features a 1.5? 128×128 pixel color OLED screen and a MicroSD slot!

There are all sorts of things you can do with a device like this. You can create wearables like a watch, bracelet, pendant, or buckle that displays color images, attach sensors and display data in text or visual form, display debug information, create a graphics user interface, or even make simple retro games.It’s an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board for interfacing with radio frequency (RF) modules, such as the popular 433/315MHz transmitter/receiver, and the nRF24L01 transceiver. The RFToy has a built-in ATmega328, USB-serial converter (CH340G), 128×64 OLED display, three buttons, and a coin battery holder. Programming is done in Arduino through the on-board mini-USB port. It has three sets of pin headers to directly fit RF modules, and an audio jack to output RF receiver signals to a computer’s sound card. Using RFToy you can build a variety of projects involving RF modules, such as remote control and wireless sensors.


Piccolino Core specifications:

  • ATMEGA 328PCPU@ Mhz
  • Arduino Pro Mini compatibile bootloader
  • 32KM ROM
  • 2KB RAM
  • 5 Analog Inputs
  • 4 PWM Outputs
  • 15 Total Digital I/O
  • 12 C Interface
  • SPIInterface
  • WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1GPIO from ESP2866
  • 128x64I2COLED
  • uSD Memory Card
  • Dual Location Capacitance Touch
  • 3,3 v -14v Source Power
  • 3.3v Internal Bus logic signals
  • 3D replaceable printed enclosure

Source: kickstarter

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