High-temperature versions of MEC switches


Well-known reliable push-buttons were in majority of cases available in so called standard version (L6, -40…+115°C) and in a high-temperature version (H9, -40…+160°C). From now on, all types will be gradually available only in a „high temperature“ version, which can be identified by „H9“marking in suffix. This applies to Multimec 3 and Unimec series (series Multimec 5 is already from the beginning only available in a high-temperature version).

These high-temperature types will be available for practically identical prices like standard types. That´s why, even in applications where you wouldn´t necessarily need that high thermal resistance, you can use this high-temp version and profit from unchanged price and potentially wider possibilities of usage of your product.

Advantages / Features:

  1. top quality push-buttons with a pleasant operation (actuation)
  2. „high temperature“ versions (-40/+160°C) now for the price of standard ones
  3. huge choice of caps and combinations
  4. versions with a backlight
  5. possibility to add backlight even with your own LED
  6. THT and also SMT versions
  7. versions with a various actuation force (2/3.5/ 6 N,…)

Source: soselectronic

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