Push Button Switch Marquardt series 1840


Pleasant actuation characteristics and reliable features of a push button switch Marquardt series 1840 make it attractive for all applications where you require control by a push.

Product Features

  • 100 milion times proven switching principle with longer life endurance with 100000 mechanical swithing cycles.
  • Fastening by round nut M12
  • Excellent actuating characteristic
  • Variant for snapping on customized pushbuttons.
  • Higher power with 6(6) A250 V AC
  • Other terminal types
  • Cable assembly

Mechanical life endurance :10E4

Contact resistance (new condition) < 100 mOhm (1 A 12 V DC) Insulation resistance (new condition) > 100 MOhm (500 V DC) Proof tracking 250 PTI

Protection type IP 40

Ambient temperature terminal side -20 °C … +100 °C actuating side -20 °C … +55 °C

Flammability UL 94 V-2

Glow wire test temperature 850 °C

Classic push-button switches are favorite for many decades, maybe also because they´re well known already from the beginnings of electronics. At these switches it´s not possible (or not easily visible), whether it´s switched on or off. Though it´s true, that the majority of such switches is a little bit pushed down (lowered) in a switched on status, but the difference is often small. That´s why these switches are not suitable for applications, where from safety reasons it´s necessary to know tha status of the switch before connecting to a mains line.

Source: soselectronic

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