USB charger in a coverplate

The outlet cover plate that charges everything USB – no silly hardwiring, just magic.

SnapPower Charger Overview

  • Powerful 1-amp USB charger built into an outlet cover plate.
  • Charges any USB device (phones, phablets, tablets, hotspots, etc.) and eliminates the need for bulky wall warts.
  • Installs in seconds over any standard outlet in your home.
  • There’s no wiring to mess with, and no batteries to sort out. Just bring a screwdriver and a good attitude.
  • For renters, this solution provides convenient wall charging that can be taken with you when you move.  If you move out, just pop the old cover back on.


Make any standard outlet in your home USB compatible…in seconds

Even when charging your devices, both outlets remain open and available for other uses at all times.Its slim design allows furniture to be positioned snug against the wall. The side access to the charging port enables you to plug your USB cables in with no hassle.

Unlike plug-in adapters that get shuffled around from room to room (and eventually lost), the SnapPower Charger is securely screwed to the outlet and always there when you need it.

What type of outlets can be used with the SnapPower Charger?

The SnapPower Charger comes in a variety of styles and colors. The Chargers are compatible with standard duplex and decor outlets that have exposed screw terminals, regardless of the manufacturer or year. The SnapPower charger is not compatible with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets that are sometimes found in bathrooms. GFCI outlets do not have the required screw terminals and can be identified by the “test” and “reset” buttons located on the face of the outlet.


Source: kickstarter


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