Automotive Digitally Controlled Boost Power Supply

The purpose of this module is to supply a steady voltage to vehicle electronics by boosting during voltage droop events such as engine crank. The design is based on the C2000 Real-Time Microcontroller, and will provide up to 400 Watts of power from a 12V automotive battery system.  This solution supports continuous operational input voltage of 6V-16V with protection against 36V load dump to provide a stable 12V output supply with reverse battery protection.
  • Digitally controlled 3 phase Boost power topology implementation supporting up to 400W output power
  • Digitally Controlled By-Pass Circuitry that Allows the  boost power supply to be bypassed during normal operation
  • N-Channel MOSFET based reverse battery protection circuit reduces the power dissipation compared to a diode implementation
  • Operational input voltage range of 6V to 16V with protection against 36V load dump
  • Design can be used for engine start/stop applications


More Info: Texas Instruments

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