nScope Portable Electronics Workbench

What is nScope?

nScope is a USB-powered oscilloscope, function generator, and power supply that turns any laptop into an electronics workbench.


Electronics can be easier. The startup cost for equipment is huge, even just probes for an oscilloscope can be prohibitively expensive for hobbyists. nScope plugs right into a breadboard, no need for special probes. It puts a dual power supply on the rails, no fussing with a bench supply. It runs on PC, Mac, and Linux, so just download the software, and build your electronics.

Meet nScope

nScope is a usb-powered device that plugs into an electronics prototyping breadboard. nScope’s main function is an oscilloscope. Much like a multimeter, an oscilloscope measures voltages in a circuit. But unlike a multimeter, it stores voltages over time and displays them in a graph. This makes nScope much more useful for observing sensor signals and dynamic circuits.┬ánScope’s software interface maximizes the graph space, and provides controls for setting the measurement speed and range.


There are many USB scopes out there, but none of them have a power supply. If you want to build electronics you need a power supply, and that’s just what we built into nScope.


nScope provides the breadboard rails with +/-5V and ground, all powered by the USB port. nScope constantly monitors the power usage, and will automatically disconnect the power supply in the event of a short circuit.

More Info: kickstarter

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