Temperature Protected MOSFET Family Replaces Electromechanical Switches


The highly integrated temperature protected MOSFET family (HITFET) of low side switches replace electromechanical relays with adjustable slew rate and protection features. The first family member is the BTF3050TE provides 40mOhm RDS(on) typical 25°C, and can drive loads up to 3 A in typical automotive body environments. The MOSFET features a diagnosis function, digital status feedback and short-circuit robustness. The family will comprise at least 16 members varying from 10 to 800 mW RDS(on), and D-PAK with 5 or 3 pins, and DSO with 8 pins package size. There is no need for system designers to change either software or PCB layout to drive various loads.

Source: ElectronicProducts

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