Modulo: A simple, modular solution for building electronics.

Modulo is a set of tiny modular circuit boards that takes the hassle out of building electronics. Now you can create custom electronics for your project without having to design and assemble circuits from scratch.

Former Pixar Engineer Starts Her Own Electronics Company, Modulo.

Modulo’s power and flexibility comes from its interchangeable smart modules. Each Modulo has its own little processor to handle its operation and communicate with the controller.

This vastly simplifies the process of building and programming devices, since you only need to deal with high level concepts (ie, Get Temperature or Set Motor Speed) not I/O pin mappings, wiring, data sheets, and registers.

Modulo works great with other platforms. Used by itself, the Modulo Controller is easily programmed with the Arduino IDE. Have a different Arduino in mind? Using Modulo with it will be straightforward too.


The controller can also act as a bridge so you can control Modulos from python running on a computer or Raspberry Pi.

The Controller- is an Arduino compatible microcontroller (ATmega32u4) on a Modulo. When used with a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer you can control all of your Modulos using python over USB. You can also use the Arduino app to reprogram the controller, creating standalone projects.

The Display-this clear, crisp, color OLED display is great for presenting information at a glance. Displaying text, graphs, and gauges has never been easier. Three buttons below the display are perfect for navigating on screen interfaces.The display has its own speedy processor that handles all the drawing operations, freeing up your computer or microcontroller for other tasks.

The Knob-precisely reports how far you have turned it in either direction. It also has a built-in RGB led and push button, so you can set its color and sense when it’s pressed. This Knob is rockin’, so go ahead and crank it to 11!

The Joystick-this thumb joystick is great for controlling a robot or building your own game controller. Like the knob, it can also detect when it’s pressed.

The Motor Driver-controlling the speed and direction of motors is a breeze with the motor driver. It can power two DC motors, one stepper motor, or four solenoids. With the power supply input disconnected, the Motor Driver will use the 5V supply from the Base. You can also attach a higher voltage DC power source (up to 24V!) if your motors need it.

The Temperature Probe- is an accurate, waterproof temperature sensor that connects directly to the extension port on the Modulo base.

Cables-modulo has two types of cables. The I/O cable has three wires for breaking out one of the Controller’s I/O pins along with power and ground. The extension cable has four wires and is designed for connecting bases together.


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