EAGLE V7.3 is now available!


EAGLE Version 7.3

EAGLE Version 7.3 delivers enhanced usability and optimized performance for EAGLE users everywhere.

Library Editor Usability enhancements:

  • Library overview screen that enables the user to see the complete chosen library at a glance. The user can easily rename and remove devices, packages and symbols directly from the library overview screen
  • New library cross-references: direct access from the library overview to the cross referenced packages and symbols for devices. Back-references to devices are also available with one click.
  • New and simplified full library context view and easy submenu access available. Descriptions can be viewed and changed directly from context menu
  • Additional icon and command to view full library structure with one click

Additional information in the Control Panel available:

  • Devices, packages and symbols are now visible in a reorganized structure. The symbols were added and can be previewed
  • Package-Description list: the related symbol keeps showing while scrolling through the list
  • Direct access to Reference Manuals, accessible without leaving EAGLE

64bit version of EAGLE is now available.

for improved performance on Windows, Linux and Mac and simplified Linux installation.
Keeping up with the trend towards 64bit machines, EAGLE now leverages the improved performance of the 64bit architecture.

More Info: Eagle

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