OsciPrime an Open Source Android


OsciPrime is an Open Source Android high speed data acquisition hardware platform andAndroid oscilloscope application

Using USB, the hardware plugs into Android devices that support USB Host. Together with the OsciPrime Android oscilloscope application it turns a tablet or mobile phone into a high speed data acquisition system.The OsciPrime Android software demonstrates how to work with high data throughput and shows how to favour the Java Native Interface for sample processing. The OsciPrime Android application can be easily extended with custom features.

The hardware consists of two parts: theanalogue front-end where a signal is tapped and adjusted for the A/D conerters and adigital front-end where the data is quantified and prepared for USB transmission. Key components are a Xilinx Coolrunner CPLDand a Cypress FX2 microcontroller.

Hardware Overview:

  • 2x Analogue Input @ 8bit/6Msps
  • 5 analogue gain levels
  • 3.3 MHz – 8.0 MHz Bandwidth (gain dependant)
  • 16 V Max Input Voltage
  • 880 mW Power Consumption
  • Designed for 10x Probes

Software Overview:

  • Range +/- 1.5 V up to +/- 16 V
  • 5 us/Div max – 1 ms/Div min
  • 2 individual Channels
  • V-Offset, Time-Offset, Calibration
  • Trigger Falling/Rising Edge, CH1/CH2
  • Measure: Voltage, Freq, Time
  • Run/Stop data acquisition
  • 30 fps rendering
  • ┬áProcessing 400’000 samples per second

Source: Osciprime

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