3.3V Voltage Regulator


This project  will provide 3.3 V @ 800 mA DC Regulated Supply.  The project is based on the LM1117 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator. The LM1117-3.3 is a low dropout voltage regulator with a dropout of 3.3V @ 800mA of load current.



Input – 5 to 15 VDC
Output Current/Voltage 0<Iout<800mA, 4.75V<Vin<12V
Output – 3.3 V @ 800 mA regulated low ripple DC voltage
Current limiting and Thermal shutdown circuit protection (provided by IC feature)
Filter capacitors for low ripple DC output
Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy connection of input and output
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
PCB dimensions 40 mm x 26 mm

More about this project: Electronics-Lab

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