RF modules with a long range – LoRa


Modern spread spectrum modulation enables HopeRF LoRa modules to communicate on a long distance or in severe environment.

This time we come with a novelty – module RFM95SW with a „LoRa“ suffix, indicating membership with a „Long Range“ family of modules. Long range of HopeRF LoRa modules is reached by usage of a modern efficient modulation with a spread spectrum, able to transmit data even on a noise floor level.RFM95W solves a traditional compromise among range, immunity (selectivity) and a power consumption while conforming to limits for usage in free bands.

LoRa modulation is quite complex and a user has a possibility to adjust all three main modulation parameters in order to fully meet requirements of a given application. These parameters are spreading factor, modulation bandwidth and error coding rate. For example if don´t need maximum transmission speed, You can set parameters so as to gain the highest possible quality and reliability of connection. By setting these three parameters you can choose an optimal combination for a given application.

RFM95SW is ideal for OEM products with higher production series, where development costs usually get quickly refund also thanks to a very affordable price of these modules.

Advantages / Features:

  1. Powerful RF modules with a long range of several 100m
  2. Spread spectrum LoRATM modulation and a high selectivity
  3. also supports FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK a OOK modulations
  4. high sensitivity of -148 dBm
  5. communicates in 868/915 MHz free bands without license fees
  6. wide configuration possibilities to reach optimal speed and transfer reliability

Source: Sos electronic

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