Sensorian Shield: The Physical World Meets Cloud Computing


The Sensorian Shield is a plug-in module that extends your Raspberry Pi and is designed to help you turn your ideas into realty…without the use of a breadboard for prototyping.

It’s compatible with all versions of the Raspberry Pi, and comes with a mini-USB port for serial logging, ambient light sensor, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, barometer, altimeter and temperature sensors, three capacitive touch buttons, an on-board LED, 2Mb non-volatile flash memory, and a real-time clock. It’ll let you rapidly prototype your Internet of Things projects, using high-level programming languages like Python and C. Plus, the Sensorian Library uses an open API, eliminating the low-level hassles needed by other shields.

The Sensorian Shield is packed with sensors. It can detect ambient light, temperature, pressure, altitude, motion, magnetic fields, capacitive touch, and keep track of time with a battery backed-up real time clock. Connect, through code, with the physical world and develop innovative applications using the Sensorian Shield. Your dashboard is responsive, meaning it’ll look incredible on any screen, so go ahead and track your surroundings while on the go!

The Sensorian Shield can be programmed with the high-level programming languages Python and C. When coupled with high level frameworks like Flask and NodeJs, the Sensorian API allows the user to leverage the whole power of embedded Linux to develop creative applications.

What can you do with your Sensorian Shield?

The Sensorian Shield makes development and prototyping on the Raspberry Pi easier and more exciting. Your sensor-packed Shield can now harness data from the physical world and help you explore and invent creative, sensitive applications.

Device Specifications

The Sensorian Shield is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models. Once your device arrives, you can get to hacking and developing right away! Simply plug in the shield on top of the Raspberry Pi’s 26 pin header (or the 40 pin header for Model B+). The 1.8 inch TFT screen can then be plugged on top. The Sensorian Shield comes packed with sensors for your projects:

  • Ambient light sensor: The ambient light sensor can measure surrounding light. The sensor is also equipped with interrupt capabilities to alert you when the ambient light falls below a certain level.
  • Barometer/Altimeter sensor: The barometer sensor will measure pressure, altitude and temperature.
  • Accelerometer/Magnetometer: The accelerometer/magnetometer chip detects landscape or portrait mode and can be used to detect simple gestures such as double tap or single tap.
  • Capacitive Touch: The capacitive touch controller has three capacitive touch buttons with configurable sensitivity. Perfect for remote controls and basic touch-sensitive triggers!
  • Real-time Clock: The real-time clock allows tracking time in case of power failure. Two separate alarms are provided with independent configuration. Note: The Sensorian Shield requires a CR2032 battery to power its real time capabilities. The shield will work perfectly well without it, but due to shipping issues with batteries, the battery must be bought separately, and it is easily found in stores.
  • 1.8 inch TFT display: You Raspberry Pi becomes self-contained. Expose all the sensor data on the display or simply use the display as a monitor.
  • 2Mb Non-volatile Flash Memory: Store all sensor data in non-volatile memory. This way you can easily port the sensor history to any Raspberry Pi.


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