With the ID3LA RFID module it´s possible to read a tag up to 30cm


A possibility to read an RFID card even on a longer distance is usually highly appreciated at its everyday usage.

RFID module range is expressively depending on a size and shape of the RFID antenna (coil). That´s why the module with a big antenna has a potentially bigger chance to reach a long range. This is exactly a case of theID3LA module – working in a wider operating voltages range (2,8-5V) than its predecessor – the ID2 module. This enables its usage even with a 3.3V logic and also for example in battery-operated devices (3-4x NiMH, or 1xLithium cell , …) not requiring DC converters or a precise voltage regulation.

ID3LA belongs to the ID3/ID12/ID20 family with very similar electrical parameters and a way of usage. All modules of this family function as readers sending data – a unique ID of a given RFID tag. The most favourite type – ID12(LA) has a very decent range (approx.. 12cm) sufficient for majority of applications. However, if the space in your application allows you to use ID3LA, you´ll reach a significantly longer range. ID3LA requires an external antenna – included in the package, as illustrated on the attached pictures.

Advantages / Features:

  1. ready-made RFID solution
  2. new version with enhanced range of operating voltages (2,8-5V)
  3. EM4001 64-bit RFID tag
  4. up to 9600bps TTL and RS232 output
  5. compact dimensions
  6. very simple usage
  7. several versions are available (125kHz and 13,56 MHz, range up to 12-30cm)

Source: soselectronic

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